Check to see if you qualify for the study

Eligible participants may receive up to $180 for participating in research and testing study-related safety equipment installed in their vehicle. 

  • $20 for pre-qualifying by completing the pre-qualification questionnaire
  • $100 for completing the installation of the study-related equipment
  • $20 for completing the first survey 
  • $20 for completing the second survey
  • $20 for completing the third survey

This research study will install onboard units on 400 vehicles to provide in-car safety alerts which may help drivers make more informed decisions.

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Project Description:

DriveOhio will test connected vehicle (CV) technology on signalized intersections in the cities of Marysville and Dublin.

Connected vehicles and connected infrastructure in Marysville and Dublin will:

  • Alert drivers to potential hazards
  • Let traffic managers know when there are slowdowns or backups
  • Provide safety lessons that will benefit other communities across Ohio and the nation
Available alerts and advisories provided by the technology include:

  • Red light violation
  • Pedestrian ahead
  • Curve speed
  • Lane closure warning

Check out the Connected Vehicle Study Equipment!

By participating in the Connected Marysville-Dublin Study, you can upgrade your car with the latest technology for free.

  • An on-board unit that is installed under the seat or in the trunk of the vehicle that generates anonymous data about the position and direction the vehicle is going.
  • A dash-mounted heads up display (HUD) that’s designed to display safety alerts about surrounding conditions.
  • A small magnetic antenna affixed to the outside roof of the vehicle that provides GPS information and connectivity to the surrounding infrastructure.


Why should I support Connected Vehicles Research?

You will receive, at no cost, the after-market vehicle study safety device which is designed to provide warnings and alerts to help improve your awareness of roadway hazards and assist in avoiding crashes along the study corridor.

What type of equipment is being installed on my vehicle?

You will receive an on-board unit that will be installed by a licensed auto shop in your community in your dash or under your seat. A small magnetic antenna will be placed on the exterior of your vehicle. A four-inch screen heads-up display will be mounted on your dash. The equipment is removable and will not harm or damage your vehicle.

Will installing this equipment affect my vehicle’s warranty?

 Installing this equipment will not affect your car’s warranty or reduce the value of your vehicle.

Will I need to clean my car's trunk prior to installation?

Yes. Please remove any items in your trunk before your installation appointment. The technicians will need access to your trunk to install the on-board unit.


If you use car seats, it is helpful, but not required that you remove them prior to the appointment. If they need to be removed to finish the installation, our team will remove and put them back in place for you.

Will I be able to go through a car wash with the equipment installed?

Yes. You can go through an automatic car wash after installation. Car washes, rain and other regular weather elements will not affect your antenna.

How will my data be used?

All data collected is anonymous and only used by our research team at Ohio University to study the equipment and its relations to safety. The City of Marysville, law enforcement or any other entities will not have access to your personally identifiable data.

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